Sunday, 22 November 2015

The new age ahead in gaming, its growth and future in the global market

The world is a strange place now where everything is changing very fast. Inside this vastness of the human world therein lies the world of entertainment. This world consists of many things and among those ‘gaming’ is one such activity which is found to soothe people, young and old from several types of mental, emotional and physical stress. So we will here discuss the several aspects that lead to the development of this new medium of thought and creativity and how it impacts people all around the world.

So let’s begin. What is gaming all in all? Is it just only a tool for recreation and escape to the virtual reality or is it something else which is very real but gives an overall experience which can be called ‘a layer of surrealism over reality’. To deepen the discussion we must look into the minds of gamers, especially in next gen gaming where players spend a lot of time while gaming. Of course there are also gamers on other consoles but we will focus on pc gaming components especially because this very market has grown to such an extent that the market share has sky rocketed in the industry.
Talking of development and the rapid growth of pc we must analyze the particular games that are out there in pc, a whole lot in numbers the titles of which cannot be mentioned here. But games analysis is in fact a very important topic which led to the growth of this market, because those are built over the wants of gamers. With this it is also very important to observe the rapid growth of the video game india community which constitutes a large amount of the gaming market globally. So to speak of the spurt in the global phenomena of gaming several small factors like those are also very important.

Now it must be analyzed that why are gaming reviews such an important topic to discuss. The only reason is because of its huge impact on people recently. Gaming has slowly become a part of human lives. Everyone is playing it in their phones, laptops and pc’s, the last one being the hot topic among gaming enthusiasts or hardcore gamers because nowadays gaming has become very graphics intensive and one require a very strong rig to play most of the games. Therefore entertainment articles currently also play an important role in overall analysis. Lastly we Gamethinkers provide all of these since we believe that next gen gaming is evolving slowly and as gamers we all have a role to play which is to make the community get some ideas before buying anything. So thank you all of you, hope you have enjoyed this article and stay tuned for more!

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